Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Felix: The Man and His Music

While at the beach house in Manzanita Felix was delighted to find a book of old piano favorites.  Immediately settling onto the vintage bench, he led us in a rousing rendition of "The Man On The Flying Trapeze".

The next selection was not as enthusiastically greeted, as the lively group of women felt more than a little kinship to the poor woman whose "errant" ways were "more to be pitied than censured."  Errant, indeed!  Had the luckless lass lived today instead of 100 years ago she no doubt would have a celebrated blog with thousands of followers and no shortage of book and movie offers.  We politely applauded Felix's technical skills if not his choice of song.

Later in the evening, drunk on his own charisma, Felix launched into this tune, emulating the requisite lisp, oblivious to its tepid reception.  Really, Felix!  Isn't that just a bit rude?

"Cheeklike paw?"  What on earth is this song about?

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emptynester said...

Okay this blog is just way to cool. Love the graphics. Wish you the best with the art show. Gotta love those birds way to cool!