Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't deny it any longer...

The rumors are true. I've got a jones for birds and all things birdy...birdcages, birdhouses, nests, eggs. The only thing I don't have is an actual real bird.

What I do have are 3 cats (including Ms. Isabelle posing and preening in a patch of sunshine) that are the boss of me and it would not be pretty if I brought home a little surprise guest. I realized long ago that by sticking to faux feathered friends everyone would be MUCH happier.

Psst...don't tell Isabelle but can you see those funny tufts of white hair sticking out of her ears? She's got the same thing going between her toes. She thinks she's so elegant, I hate to burst her little kitty bubble.

Accomodations on Artgirl Island

This is a watercolor painting I did on a pages from a very old encyclopedia. I never, ever, once, not-even-for-a-second suspected I could draw or paint, but under the very patient tutelage of Carla Sonheim (see her cool rabbit painting below), I learned I could. I'm not claiming they're works of art, but I am claiming it's loads of fun to do.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Here goes...my inaugural posting...