Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Radioactive Asparagus?

I have been a picture-taking fool with my new camera (a Kodak Easy Share M863). I love, love, love it. It's small enough to put in my pocket when I go for walks so I've been experimenting with it madly. It's AMAZING what I notice now that I'm taking pictures....things that I sauntered past dozens of times now catch my eye.

Generally, that's a good thing. But this week I noticed these crazy looking plants sprouting up near work. What the heck are they? I'm hereby putting out a Flora-911 call to Salvage Studio Lisa who is an expert in these things. worried should I be?
Heck, how worried should the greater metropolitan Seattle area be?

I think they look like radioactive asparagus...or perhaps something from the movie Avatar.

P.S. I know many of you are wondering, but no, I do not have a celebrity endorsement contract with Kodak. I do for so many other products, but my agent and I turned this one down...I was just too busy...


MadArchivist said...

Those are Equisetum "Horse Tails" - they grow like crazy here in the spring. They do eat them in Japan but I believe they are mildly poisonous so like the puffer fish leave it to professionals.

The horsetails in my yard grow like mad and die off when it gets a bit drier. They reproduce by spores and are hard to get rid of once they take hold.

Pretty much if it grows vigorously and is in my yard it is on this list:

On the plus side - free blackberries.

Salvage Studio said...

Oh....these are bad! Whatever you do...DON'T pull them...cut them. Sounds counter-intuitive but trust me. Pulling just encourages them. Them there weeds are horsetail...a prehistoric plant and a devil to get rid of. Don't panic, just continue cutting anytime you see them pop up.

Call me if you need me!

Cindy Pestka said...

Thank goodness for the sage advice (Ha! Get it? SAGE advice?) I noticed these little buggers near the railroad tracks by work...I shall studiously (Ha! Get it, Lisa? STUDIOUSLY!) avoid them forthwith!