Friday, March 5, 2010

Procrastination by Zentangle

Last year I posted about a fabulously fun doodling technique found on Zentangle. I had forgotten about it until a friend sent me an example of her work and I happily avoided paying bills and changing the cat litter this week by creating this Zentangle Sampler. I'll be teaching this class at the Kirkland Library on Saturday, April 17 from 2-4. Stop's FREE!
I tried to replicate some of the examples from the site and just kind of made up some of the other squares. It's surprisingly relaxing...and addictive.

The key is to break down a pattern into the smallest repeating image and then draw multiples of it. Using a fine-tipped black pen (like a Micron) is good for the lines but definitely use a thicker one to fill in black backgrounds.

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