Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Righteous Girl...shhhhhh!!!

Boy, can I hold a grudge. We're not just talking garden variety or even super-sized ones; oh no...these are King-Kong big, the kind that need a convoy of Sherpas to carry them.

That would be the work of "Righteous Girl".

Righteous Girl LOVES to make people, things and situations wrong. She zealously charges into battle to "protect" me. Many a time the world has heard her proclaim, "He/she is dead to me!" as she gathers up our toys to stomp home when she determines we have been wronged/insulted/ignored.

Righteous Girl is really, really good at her job. And how could it be any other way? She came into existence PRECISELY to be...well, righteous.

And you know what? When Righteous Girl takes care of business, I feel really, really good...for about 30 minutes. And then I'm really sad and angry and hurting. I look around and Righteous Girl is nowhere to be seen. She's done her job and she's off duty, probably taking a nap.

What I saw is that the bigger the fit Righteous Girl throws, the worse I feel. Because basically Righteous Girl is screaming at the top of her lungs, "THIS SHOULDN'T BE THIS WAY!"

But you know what? It IS what it IS, and it ISN'T what it ISN'T. It's actually just that simple.

It is HARD work to resist what's so. It can be downright exhausting...like that poor schmoe from Greek mythology who had to keep pushing that rock up the hill. And since I get to choose whether I want to keep doing that, it's kind of mental to keep doing it.

So now when Righteous Girl clamors to be heard, I thank her for being on the lookout to protect us. I thank her for being so willing to do her job. And then I sit her down at a virtual table with drawing paper and crayons and a glass of chocolate milk and tell her, "Thanks, I've got this one. You can just hang out here."

And more times than not, she listens to me.

That's one of the things I got from Landmark Education.

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