Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gorilla Knitting? A Conversation

Artgirl One:  Look at that gorilla art!  Who knew gorillas knew how to knit?  Who knew there were gorillas in Greenwood?  Who knew gorillas had such tasteful color palates?  

Artgirl Two:  Ummm, wait a minute.  Maybe it's not GORILLA...

Artgirl Two:  Maybe it's GUERILLA.

Artgirl One:  As in GUERILLA ART?  Ahhh, that makes sense. 

Artgirl Two:  Trees sporting multi-color knitted sheaths make sense?

Artgirl One: the world of guerilla art it makes total sense.

Artgirl Two: Wanna go hang out in my studio and make stuff?

Artgirl One:  Sure.


Lisa Hilderbrand said...

I wanna hang out and make stuff, too!
Lisa of Lisa's Little House

Cindy Pestka said...

You can stalk me in my studio any time!!!!