Thursday, May 7, 2009


Remember the nifty memory aid to recall the colors of a spectrum...ROY G BIV? Well, that prompted me to make a journal supposedly created by the great, late, intrepid ornithologist, Roy G. Biv basically so I would have an excuse to make a bird collage in every different color.

Even though "brown" doesn't really have a place in Dr. Biv's world (the "B" stands for blue), I felt compelled to make several pages in that color family.

The first page consists of a fabric transfer on muslim, layered over several very textured pieces of fabric and ribbon. The background was done from several shades of brown acrylic paint. The second one used a page from a book so old and deteriorating it literally crumbled as I tried to glue it down. But how perfect is "Birdies' Ball" for goodness sake?

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