Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mukilteo Artists Garage Sale on 6/6

Pssst, wanna get in on the deal of the century? Go to the Mukilteo Artists Garage Sale on Saturday, June 6 from 9-3.

It's a FABULOUS opportunity to buy all sorts of very cool and somewhat random art supplies, inexpensive art, home and garden name it. I've been going through my ridiculously huge stash of "treasures" and will be selling my assemblage, collage and garden art, as well as super-awesome collage packs, beads, enviable found objects (AKA "EFOs"), etc. etc. etc. at great prices.

No one kits 'em up better than me (if I say so myself).

It's at the Rosehill Community Center, just 2 blocks from the ferry dock. Stop by my booth (look for the Artgirl Island sign under a blue popup canopy) and if you mention my blog, I'll give you a free prize!


studio sister lisa said...

You ARE a terrific bag-em upper!

Amanda said...

Hello, I bought some great collage materials and rubber stamps from you at the garage sale. I was there with Wendy Lee Lynds, who told me about your blog.

I love your projects with the recycled alphabet blocks. :) Thanks for the good deals on the collage stuff. I will bookmark your blog for sure.

Cindy Pestka said...

Hi Amanda, so glad you found some treasures to take home. The Mukilteo Sale is a GREAT event, isn't it? It's probably a good thing we were so busy that day or I would have spent all of my earnings on the other vendors.