Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Class: Día de los Muertos

Moi:  Join me at the Kirkland Library on Sunday, October 17 from 2-4pm for a free art class.

Gentle (Doubting) Reader:  Do you say "free"?

Moi:  Yes, I did.  Free...as in "no money required".

Gentle (Skeptical) Reader:  That's unheard of!  How can that be?  Ce n'est pas possible!  What kind of trickery is this??!!

Moi:  No trickery whatsoever.  It's a gift to you from the Friends of the (Kirkland) Library.

Gentle (Intrigued) Reader:  What will we do in class?

Moi:  You'll learn about the rich traditions of the Day of the Dead holiday and draw elaborate skulls.

Gentle (Worried) Reader:  Dead?  Skulls?  That sounds scary.

Moi:  Not at all!  It's a time to celebrate, not mourn...and the skulls are fantastical creations, full of flowers and vines and little paisley shapes and dots.

Gentle (Self-Doubting) Reader:  But I can't draw.

Moi:  Pssst...neither can I.  But that's the beauty of this class...you don't have to know how to draw.  And by the way, EVERYONE is an artist, whether they realize it or not.

Gentle (Inspired) Reader:  How do I sign up?

Moi:  Register on-line or by calling the Kirkland Library.

Gentle (Helpful) Reader:  Do I need to bring anything?

Moi:  Just your bad self.

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Annie said...

Thank you for hosting these lovely classes, Cindy! Your energy is catching and we always have so much fun.