Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30 Unruly Birds in 30 Hectic Days

I signed up to paint 30 works in 30 days through Avanti Art & Design...a cool picture-framing shop and art gallery in North Seattle.  All of the artists received 4 x 4 canvasses last week and have to turn them back in the first week of June.  They'll be on display in June or July (with artists present for the June 11 and July 9 artwalks).  I'll be at the shop on July 9...which will be a first time experience for me!

Let me tell you...30 blank canvasses are more than a little daunting, so the first thing I did was to slather on colorful backgrounds.  I don't plan my work so much as just sort of launch myself into it and make the best of happy "accidents"...and I am very happy with the crazy birds with their unruly plumages.  

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting my creations.  I may go back and add to some of them; a few are calling out for captions or words.



junkrescuerbeth said...

Your birdies always make me smile! Especially the second one down - the pink one with all the antennae.


Cindy Pestka said...

Given what my hair looks like when I wake up, it was kind of a self portrait series...

Medici said...

I like that they are part bird and part fantasy - (the official name for the feather on top of a quail is the 'Doodly Crest'). I like your pink quail-like bird with all the doodly crests.