Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Browns Around Town

I love the way the leaves and vines are held in place:

A prayer wheel, reflecting late afternoon sun:

Usually I photograph things just as I find them, but in this case, I have to admit the right half of the heart was askew, so I moved it to be a clearer heart shape.

This endearing engraving is found by some sewers in the Seattle area, reminding people that wildlife are affected by what we wash away:

I love these weathered, sunbleached leaves sandwiched between glass and behind glass in the back of an old warehouse.

The layers of metal, shadows, clear and striated glass caught my eye:

I was so tickled at how this shot looks so "artsy", with the stems getting increasingly blurry with distance. At least I think it's artsy (could be the joke's on me and it's just a blurry picture!)

I know it's nasty trash, but it's COOL, RUSTY nasty trash:


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Oh such gorgeous, yummy browns! Beautiful finds and photos!

Kim Hambric said...

Fantastic photos. I love seeing them all together. I'm a huge fan of brown and its wonderful to come across others who enjoy it too.