Friday, February 19, 2010

In fact I AM holier than thou!

Apparently I am easily mistaken for a nun these days.

This morning, as I pulled up to the ordering window of my sometime local coffee spot, the young male barista said, with barely a glance in my direction, "What would you like today, Sister Patricia?"

When I stared at him speechless, he turned his head all the way around to fully look at me and exclaimed, a little embarrassed, "Oh, you're not Sister Patricia!"

I had thought for a moment he was calling me 'sista' and had somehow gotten my name wrong...but no...he actually meant in nun.

Asking the logical question I said "So, um, does Sister Patricia drive the same kind of car I do?"

"No, hers is blue." (Mine, gentle readers is silver.)

Despite fearing his response, I couldn't help but query further, "So do I look a lot like this Sister Patricia?"

The young barista shook his head. "Not really, her hair is gray." (Mine, gentle readers is Feria Red #67.) "Maybe a little around the eyes."

At that point I burst out laughing while I thought, "Well, it SURE can't be my demeanor...or my language!"

Now just to tease the poor guy (I TOLD you I was no nun) I asked, "Does she wear regular clothes or a nun outfit?"

"Regular clothes. Which surprised me," he said. "I didn't think they were supposed to wear regular clothes. She must be one of those hippy of those 2010 nuns."

I was laughing uproariously by that point, having (to my knowledge) never before been mistaken for a nun. Or having ever considered the possible existence of "hippy nuns".

The young guy grinned back, handed me my iced venti Americano with cream and said, "It's on the house."

I thanked him and as I drove away he leaned out the window and hollered, "Have a holy day!"

And after THAT, how could I NOT?

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