Monday, January 4, 2010

So wrong I don't even know where to start...

At the risk of cursing 2010 by starting off with something SO horrific, I just had to post this. My friend Tracie dropped off homemade caramels (which, no, I did NOT share with anyone) and this little dorks-in-aprons-pseudo-birthday-card which yes, I AM sharing with everyone.

In the name of all things holy...can you actually imagine ANYONE a) making one of these aprons or b) wearing one of these aprons? I especially like the red rick-rack "steam" rising up from the black cauldron on the left and the polka-dot red bow tie on the right. I wonder what these guys are up to today...maybe they were so humiliated they had to go into the Witness Protection Program. Have you seen these men? They must be stopped.

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Salvage Studio said...

I would give up a package of vintage red rick rack to know what these guys are up to now! Anyone?