Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Altered 2010 Calendar

Becky, my good friend from WAY back in the day, always sends me a Missouri Botanical Garden calendar each year for my birthday. I absolutely loved the Garden and used to visit it regularly when I lived in St. Louis, and the calendar is a such a treat. This year, the images were gorgeous as always, but I couldn't help but notice a certain shortage of...birds. Of course, given my obsession with all things aviary I proceeded to alter the calendar, adding some sort of bird image(s) to each month.

Using a template from an art friend, I cut birds out of old text pages, taped-together paint chips (check out the name of the color under the crown...perfect, isn't it?) and translucent colored vellum. For fun I used my crown punch to mark everyone's birthday. Let's all wish Judy "Happy Birthday" on August 9!

I also put my trusty bird punch to work and popped out entire flocks of tiny, colorful birds. And then I had to doodle some yellow trumpet vines. OK, I sort of made up that name, but you have to admit, it fits.

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