Saturday, November 6, 2010

The audacity of "not yet"

This is my ACTUAL report card from kindergarten. I love, love, love the little graphics and the grading scale...Yes, Sometimes, Not Yet.
"Not Yet" is so in "Even though monstrous little Timmy cannot sit still for 2 seconds without tormenting and bullying his neighbors, I'm sure he's going to get along with them any second now, just 'not yet'."
Notice how adept I was at taking part in singing and rhythmic activities as a 6-year-old? I wonder what happened...

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ijustwannahide said...

Are you sure that is your report card? I don't recognize you in the picture!!

Aren't you gladder than glad that I am systematically going through every one of your entries and leaving a comment?? That'll teach you!

The alternative is to pay bills...COMMENTS WIN!