Monday, August 17, 2009

Monkeys in my mailbox!

The heretofore mentioned monkey fabric arrived from Spoonflower! I would HIGHLY recommend their services...easy to order, quick turnaround time, great fabric and printing quality. The only hard part will be deciding what to make with my precious yard of specialty fabric...

a monkey apron?

tote bag??

pillow cover???

superhero cape????

cat bed cover?????

You can sign up at Spoonflower to vote for your favorite fabric-of-the-week. It's never an easy choice and it's always amazing to see what different people have come up with. I entered my Monkey Madness fabric into the competition, but given the large backlog, I'm not sure when it will come up for a vote. When it does, I urge my Gentle Readers to vote early, vote often!

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junkrescuerbeth said...

Boy oh boy, you got your fabric in a jiffy! You have a real dilemma now - deciding what to do with your special yard. You can't go wrong with any of those selections though!

Beth of Salvage Studio