Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm so gruntled to have found Grammar Girl!

Deftly avoiding actual work this afternoon, I came across the website of the renowned Grammar Girl, who kindly and clearly instructs her gentle readers on the finer points of grammar.

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I have wondered why a person could be disgruntled but not gruntled, why we deplane an aircraft, but do not plane it. According to Grammar Girl, folks in the Middle Ages were indeed capable of being gruntled, but the stem word fell from usage over time, leaving us with just the cranky version.

Grammar Girl even offers thoughtful advice on how to leave comments on a person's blog. Grammar Girl is a gal after my own heart.

If only I knew more about grammar, I too, could be an official "Grammar Girl". As it is, I've got my hands full trying to decide if I'll "lie" or "lay" down for a little nap...

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