Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rose Blocks

This is a little something I made out of worn out wooden alphabet blocks. I glued snippets from old books and music sheets onto a smooth side of each block, hot-glued all of the blocks together to form the bigger 3x4 block, and then covered the edges with still more text from an old nursery rhyme book. I glued little fabric tabs on top so that it could be hung.

My patient, patient friend Jason, who is a photographic whiz spent time with me this evening getting me set up to take pictures that aren't blurry. We finally found the magic settings, so even though I was tired and grungy from gardening, I took a few shots to post.

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Karen from A`Musements said...

Bravo with the photography!!! and the Rose Blocks piece! Isn't mastering the flash, no flash, too much light, not enough...shadows, whatever, so hard at first?! I miss my 35mm .... ;-)
Great job!