Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring fling

Feeling the need for a little spring in my life, I crafted these little stitched paper collages. The background is a stack of pages from an old foreign book held together by sewing the bird image on top. The bird images came from a fabulous sheet of upscale Cavallini wrapping paper (with 25 images per sheet, it's just pennies per serving!)

I love those little flower stamens that come in all sorts of colors, so I added a few along with a strip of fun ribbon to the botton. I used a circle hole punch at the top of the first page and then glued an image behind the little window.

I love the look of the vintage game tiles with letters so I crafted a "faux" set by painting a piece of chipboard with acrylic paint, then slicing it into small squares, onto which I stamped letters. I threaded a short length of ribbon through two holes punched at the top corners for hanging and it was complete.

The blue collage contains stamps I collected from Roratonga in the Cook Islands when I was lucky enough to go scuba diving there several years back. A few matching buttons, baubles and scoopy little scallops on the edges finished it off.

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