Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pizza cutters and polkadots

I collaged this green bird that I rescued from last year's Cavallini calendar onto a mat board previously embellished with random stripes of green, white and black paint applied with a pizza cutter.

"A pizza cutter?" you ask.

"Yes, a pizza cutter."

I did not invent this technique, but I've tried it several times with fun results and nary a scratch. You simply squirt a blob of paint onto a paper plate, frantically roll a pizza cutter (mine obtained from the local Goodwill) back and forth through said blob, ensuring that the entire wheel edge is coated and then roll it over the paper. The pizza cutter doesn't hold a lot of paint so you can only apply a thin stripe of paint at any one pass, but that may not be a bad thing if you want to leave a lot of background showing.

Then of course I got out my nifty white gel pen and outlined everything with polka dots. Ever notice how polka dots make just about anything more fun? Then I added some swoopy-loops with black dimensional fabric paint and made sure I placed my masterpiece in a cat-proof place while it dried.

Et voila! Un oiseau! Verte! Estee Lauder! Chanel! Lancombe! C'est la guerre! Je ne sais pas!

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