Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cats, yarn, prototypes and bubbles

I just found out that the deadline for submitting workshop proposals for the next Art Fiber Fest is in a few days. It's an annual art retreat organized by Teesha and Tracy Moore and it's basically a smaller, fabric/fiber version of ArtFest. I taught at Art Fiber Fest for its first two years and it was fabulously, wonderfully fun. Go here and look under Workshops to find out more.

Anyway, I'm completely booked tonight and my weekend is literally packed from 5pm Fri until 10pm Sunday. That means I've got to come up with samples, photograph them and write up descriptions on Wednesday and Thursday evening. Eeek!

Last night I spread out a bunch of yarn and fabric and started prototyping like mad. My beloved cats, not understanding the dire nature of my schedule, offered to help. Their version of helping is to turn skeins of yarn into tangled piles that resemble nothing so much as hairballs.

I found myself getting exasperated with them and then I took a few seconds to look into their furry little faces and I really saw how happy and playful they were being and really, how much I loved them. So I took a few minutes to play and cuddle with them before I went back to my project.

So...I am envisioning being in a bubble of "creativity, focus and ease" to carry me through the next few days. Stay tuned; I'll post said photographs of said prototypes as soon as I take them.

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